The Islamist Emirate and Its Information Operations in the United States

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This short book is about Qatar, a country from where Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood are able to use tremendous oil and natural gas wealth to promote its dangerous ideology around the world. Using the sophisticated infrastucture of modern political warfare, Qatar also advances its own national interests against its chief regional rival, Saudi Arabia, as it bucks to replace one of America’s most important strategic alliances. Due to their policy biases–as well as the friendly intellectual environment created and nurtured by petrodollars inside the Beltway–American elites and policymakers have been soft targets for Qatari influence and information operations.

This is paperback of Qatar’s Shadow War, signed and inscribed with a unique message from the author.

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About the Author

David Reaboi works at the intersection of communications and policy, specializing in national security, political warfare, influence operations, and the media. He has written widely and appeared in media discussing US politics and the Middle East. He is a Claremont Institute Lincoln Fellowand a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy. He lives in Miami Beach.

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